Live Event Video Coordination

XSTREAM Videos is an Atlanta Based Company focusing on creating PSA’s, promos, and commercial, music, and business videos. We focus on shooting, editing, and delivering video production services for basically any type of event, meeting, television & web commercial, infomercials, and sales.

We can capture your event and the attention of your audience, as you communicate your message and ideas visually, aurally and interactively. Our experience, equipment, reputation and resources speak for itself. Our product is sharp and designed to appeal to your audience and geared towards your own personal creative elegance. We will meet with you to determine your goals and the need for any visual content. We’ll plan a marketing strategy to get the best approach to meet your goals.

Your productions will have a consistent look, feel and tone, which strengthens the overall visual appeal of your message. To find out more about how XSTREAM VIDEOS can support your organization please contact us today.